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How To Use WhatsApp Spy Software - July 2013

About WhatsApp Spy Software

WhatsApp Spy Software is a relatively new tool on the market targeted for conducting surveillance on smart phones with WhatsApp Messenger installed. It's the first surveillance/spy software that does not require any 3rd party software on be installed on the smart phone. In fact you just need the phone number, and you can monitor incoming and outgoing traffic via WhatsApp Messenger. 

Why Use WhatsApp Spy Software

It's a simple answer. You can monitor your child's messages and contacts with ease. Using proprietary socket injection protocols, you can intercept messages directly from WhatsApp by using a predefined authentication token.

WhatsApp Spy Software Start Up

Full Features List

  • Uses proprietary socket injection protocols.
  • Does not require 3rd party software on smart phone.
  • Change display picture.
  • Built in status fetcher and auto-updater. 
  • View all contacts associated with phone. 
  • Directly chat and monitor messages with any contacts listed.

WhatsApp Spy Software Release Information

  • File Name - WhatsApp Spy Software
  • File Version - Version 3.x.x
  • Release Date - July 2013
  • Release Group - WhatsAppSpyDev
  • MD5 Hash - 1E7816151152B811F185BAB8BABC3A09
  • Virus Total Scan

How To Download WhatsApp Spy Software

WhatsApp Spy Software is currently being tested by our beta team. It is not yet available for public use, however you can obtain a free beta key by following the instructions below.

Download the WhatsApp Spy Trial Software. Please note that you'll need to complete a short offer from a sponsoring company. These companies help fund our projects, and without them it would be impossible to release this software for free. 

After Downloading the trial software, execute it and fill out your registration form. Please use a valid e-mail as your key will be e-mailed to you. Click the "Big Green Button" to download the trial.

WhatsApp Spy Activation Window

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